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Josip Pajk

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The "good old" CYBER view of the WHOLE

I am a systems engineer for more than two decades involved in the maintenance, R&D and production (integration) of complex "special purpose" systems (naval combat systems, air target tracking systems, air/vessel traffic monitoring and control systems ...).

I always supported the notion that these systems are nothing "special" and have developed a method mostly based on Cybernetics principles that enables me to apply the same approach regardless of the type of real system requiring either analysis or synthesis.

My perception of cybernetics is in the first place "intuitive" and than formal. I believe everything we know about the world around us is first "meta-physics" before it can be transformed in the formal language of physics.

The best definition of cybernetics I ever found was the Nobel Prize wining Herman Hesseís book The Glass Bead Game. I suppose that he didnít even know what cybernetics means, because when he was writing the book (In Switzerland during World War II), Wiener was on the MIT just placing the first foundations of what will lately be known as Cybernetics.

For this reason I believe that the "right" answers are likely to be found in the unusual "chaotic" places on the margins of today formal science than in it's rigid institutionalized middle.

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